sábado, 18 de dezembro de 2010

Free dom

It's a fact we live in Brazil a re-arising of democracy, since 80's.
PT got the power since 2002 and will be there at least for more 4 years. It's not that bad, though. Somehow the swapping of parties on power always brings new things, specially if they want to add value, not take out. Lessons learned with the past must be taken into account, always, beyond of all kind of ideological coloration, though.
I've read somewhere long time ago Michael Dell's history. To make a long story short, he said we all have kind of operational limit. What did he mean with that? He meant that our perspectives, motivation, new ideas and energy doing something, last in some years, after we've been doing the same thing for a long time. After that will be only routine.
HR specialists say it happens within 5 years, when you need to be swapped to somewhere else, to be challenged and become again creative and productive.
Russell said once in his book, 'Bertrand Russell's Best', 1958, that human being has an unavoidable compulsion to boredom. I know, there are some exceptions. Anyway, most of us can not runaway of this truth. We must be challenged, estimulated to keep moving forward.
Guess brazilian people got it. Hopefully on next voting we can put some more oxigen on power swapping some faces.
Problem here, in the South, is the old, anachronic speech of leaders such as Chávez, Morales, Correa, and some of PT's shia.
Nacionalism, protecionism, radical statism... The same old bs...
I do not see any exit for people but the education. As many inferences based on things you've read or studied, as better. Means you became someone who can think by yourself. And that's something else down here. I don't think government is really interested on making people more critical. They love invest on hype, creating new "big brothers" as the demiurge of hapiness. Those would be the responsible for driving us to the future because we are naive and don't know what we want.
Well, this is exactly the piece of this theory which drives me crazy. I'm not with them, I'm not in the crowd.
Since they keep me aside and alive, leaving me alone to say whatever I want, I don't really care. Hopefully there will not be another Inquisition of ideas as about 30 years ago or so. We've already got our fix of dictatorships. FREEDOM is still the best ilusion in our minds!

I'm relieved, anyway, that I was not born in Venezuela. Chávez, as my "big brother", would be the ugliest brother that I could have at family.

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