domingo, 24 de abril de 2011

"Life's a dream, Charlie Brown"

I wrote during one of my nights of insomnia in a hotel room in Fairfax, in 03.23.2009, an article about Charles Schulz's Peanuts. I had bought 2 volumes of  'The Complete Peanuts' (1950 to 1952 and 1971 to 1972) that evening at the Congress Library before to take my way back "home".

At that time, I was not running a blog neither had ever thought about it.
That's interesting now that my most read post is exactly kind of a version in portuguese of that old article, forgotten in my papers and just brought up again by my wife (who is a way far more organized than myself) by chance. The most interesting though is the fact that I wrote the second one (in portuguese) completely unaware about the first that I had left "dropped" somewhere more than 1 year before. Looks like the idea was there since ever.

Since my portuguese one became the most popular (PS popular here means read by dozens of close people, not popular meant to be read by hundreds thousands like J.K. Rowling... unfortunately), I decided to reproduce it here, turning into bytes what my fingers had made up in a small piece of paper with a pen a way back ago.

Upon my reading - I've just bought 2 books of Charles Schulz's Peanuts Colletion - "here I'm once more" feeling the Charlie Brown's fears and depression through those old strips. From the old 50's up to 1972, it's amazing how "Sparky" has captured the human kind essence so sharply and presented that in kind of elegant and sincere way. Using "Chuck", Snoopy, Marcie, Patty, Shroroeder, Linus, Lucy, Woodstock, Miss Sweetstory and all the others, he built up with indisputable talent a slice of our real life in a very unique perspective.
As Chaplin with Carlitos, each one on his own manner to express deep feelings, he made me feel like a good person. I'm sort of Charlie Brown, sometimes. That "wish-washy" guy falling apart with red-haired girls, fading away within his dreams.

"Que puxa..."

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