sábado, 9 de outubro de 2010

"Mental masturbation"

Long time with no posting in english. It can be presumption of mine - as if I had a big audience abroad -, but it's always a pleasure to play with thoughts, words, phrases in different languages. This makes me fell like someone who can finally be understood apart from boundaries.
I'm sure that I could not make up a different style in english from what I've been writing in portuguese, though. A matter of fact, I feel like thinking in portuguese at the same time of translating and typing in english and, I know, this is not exactly a writing's style in english. But can tell you, gives me a lot of pleasure, anyways.

Something else is to be able to read in english, of course not completely orphan from a dictionary. It's enjoyable to notice the advantages of saying some things in english instead of in portuguese and also in the other way around. Each language has a way to pass things ahead. English is more logical, straight forward. Portuguese may be more appropriate to literature, although we have master pieces in both, each one with its treasure.

So, here I'm once more. Playing with my poor english towards somewhere...


Reading Tony Judt's book 'Reappraisals: Reflections on the Forgotten Twentieth Century'. And there are more differences between our histories in the last century that I could imagine. Not only regarding the lively cultural and political scenes - in scale - completely different there from here. But also in the sense of all traumas, historical hard feelings that somehow motivated and drove you into 2 big wars and a change in the whole european geography. Now I understand a bit better the feelings and differences between people so close and so far from each other. Not saying that we don't have kind the same, but I'd say that we're still young, therefore safe with no many hard feelings down here.

Well, next "shot" will be to read two books about the dawning of Brazil when D. João VI running away from Napoleon got here and made this a country, '1808' and '1822', Laurentino's books that became best-sellers. I do hope I can then try a link between the two history lines.
Well, I'll let you know then...
What?...you don't care?...

Don't worry. I'll be just exercising my english then.
C ya.

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