quinta-feira, 20 de janeiro de 2011

“A full body rub” in my english

Reading the last post of a buddy's blog, I've faced again my english limitation due to lack of words in my bucket. You would imagine at first that this may have been frustrating. You're mistaken, though. Of course I had to read twice, also with Google Translator by my side, but that's the point. It's 'strikingly' stimulating to bring more meanings wearing new words closer to your vocabulary box. Now I can say 'chunks' instead of pieces, or say politely that something/someone 'irked', instead of saying pisses me off. I can also mention 'quipped', rather than kidding.

'Sniggering' is something else. I risk saying that this mordacity is typical in England. It's a cultural gift. That's why Swift, Russell, and even Monty Python have done so much using irony as the spice for "rattle some chains".

I can even imagine his sneer when handling on purpose some speeches during training sessions. To be honest, my whole life I was influenced by this kind of humor. Could also mention Voltaire and more some brazilian writers such as Millôr, Francis, Mainardi as examples. Can only understand people noticing something stupid, ridiculous about themselves, if you 'piggy-back' them with their image in a "taunting mirror". Of course, after the anger, they may start thinking... or not. Anyway, sarcasm always was one of my preferred style.

This guy motivated me to run my own blog and now keeps giving me many ideas. It's a pitty that we've never had the chance to chat informally in a non-work enviroment, as a Pub, with beers hydrating the talk.

Anyway, I'm always going back to Planet Manuel to see if there's something new that I could use here... at Mars. And it's pretty likely that I'll be back with my 'happy ending'.

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