sexta-feira, 5 de novembro de 2010

Just typing

Here we go again...
Thought that I wouldn't travel this year anymore but gotta fly again to US tomorrow. Anyway, it's not that bad since the aircraft just doesn't crash; then I can cope with all the rest: bad mood of Immigration Officers, all harassments that I might face abroad, the delays and jet lags, all the amazing service that I can experiment at our airports and the most important, the nicest people in the world, air companies' staff.

This fear is something that I can not get rid off even after many years flying, frequently. Guess it's under my DNA level or somewhere very well hidden in my conscience (also related to the fact we were made to walk, not to fly...). But it's something common in the human being (now I feel better...).
Apart from that - specially thinking like someone with a Statistics degree - flights are the most safe mean of transport. And they must be (I'll be there).

So, I'll be back after 2 weeks of having worked hard and enjoyed the cold whether in North America. This without mentioning the fact that I need to work wearing tie this time. Fantastic. But I just wanna be back and safe. Life is going well and I'll have my holidays next month, anyway.
Btw, sometimes I have the feeling the only reason for working like this is to have the right to take vacation.

Yes...yes...after the election here, I wouldn't like to take any subject fairly serious for a while. This voting season drainned my energy. And just fyi, I'm not a politician but I want to see this place becoming a great country where my kids can live better than I could. On the other hand, it's good to know that presidential election happens once every 4 years. Thank God.
So, at this time, I gave myself the right to just come over here and type whatever bs I want (as if it had been different in another time...). Just to keep the warmth.

Wait till the next post, when I may come up with my conclusions about Judt's book and the Europe's history of last century and how those lessons were not completely learned down here although more than 60 years have gone by (Pretentious, isn't it? And here I may be talking to a mad guy. Well, I can play...and be mad sometimes).
Guess we are loosing our memory...Or just not really caring about reading and studying anymore.

So... "that all folks". 
It's a kind of "tilt" in my inspiration...

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